Started over on this one. Toned down the colors.

Started over on this one. Toned down the colors.

Not my usual kind of post but I had to share

I watched Tranformers 4 online yesterday, thinking it can’t be all thaaat terrible. Well, congratulations Michael Bay, you’ve proven me wrong! Although, I have to hand it to Bay, he really does a good job of staying true to the franchise’s original, toy origins. The whole movie did feel like I was watching the imagined, toy box adventures of a 5-year-old boy. Robots! Cars! Guns! Robot-freaking-DINOSAURS!!! Then of course, the little boy steals his sister’s Barbie dolls (because our clever, quip slinging heroes have to have someone to rescue.) 
At the end of the movie Optimus takes off into space on a quest to find his creators. Right now I’m imaging one of two things for Transformers 5. Either Optimus is going to find the world of his creators and discover it is populated by kindergarten boys with god like powers, or 
he is going to awake from a dream, still in his original plastic packaging, at the Hasbro factory.

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Hey followers! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last few months. Working two jobs has left me very little time for what I really love to do, my art. I’ve been trying to manage my time a bit better so hopefully i’ll have new pieces up soon. Thanks for sticking with me :) 

Lots of love <3 

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